Residential Underfloor Heating Solutions

Having installed over 300,000 m2 of underfloor heating systems, TCR know what it takes to design and install a system that is both reliable and energy efficient.

With over 10 years experience in all aspects of design, installation and commissioning, our team of specialist installers will always ensure an installation is completed to the highest standard. Every system we install is tested, commissioned and demonstrated by a trained engineer, to ensure the system is fully functional from day one. Upon completion, TCR will issue a full set of as-installed drawings, along with a copy of our commissioning certificate and operating manual.

Long established relationship with the world?s leading underfloor heating system manufacturers, coupled with many years experience and knowledge in underfloor heating, makes TCR the preferred choice for clients, seeking quality, reliability and experience in an underfloor heating solutions installer.

TCR provide a wide range of conventional and bespoke systems to suit any type of floor construction in both new build and renovation projects. We also offer a fault finding and repair service for existing underfloor heating systems, and are able to repair and/or upgrade any make or brand of system.