Road construction is expensive, even more so when you need to add wires to power streetlights from the grid. TCR has an exclusive partnership with URILIC Energy Technology China, giving us exclusive rights to their impressive Off Grid Wind and Solar Hybrid Street Light Technology.

The wind and solar hybrid street light road lighting is a power generation application system that uses the energy generated by the solar panel assembly and the wind power generator to be stored in the battery pack and uses the electrical energy for road illumination. It is a wind power generator and a solar panel assembly that jointly generates electricity.

The system is mainly composed of small magnetic suspension wind turbines, solar photovoltaic panels, wind and solar hybrid controllers, maintenance-free gel batteries, lighting fixtures and outdoor off-grid road-powered lighting systems for installation and fixing of light poles, lamp arms and mounting accessories. For urban, suburban and rural roads, scenic spots and courtyards with an annual average wind speed exceeding 3.0 m/s and a total solar radiation of not less than 3200 MJ/m2, wind-solar complementary street lamps can be installed.

Street lighting solutions with an abundance of benefits:
  • Although our wind and solar hybrid street lights have relatively high input costs in the early stages, they do not need to be connected to the electricity mains, and no large scale land dig ups are required for cable placement and installation.
  • Completely powered from renewable sources you save on huge electricity bills.
  • The wind and solar hybrid street light system is maintenance-free. The ten-year use price is 38% lower than that of ordinary street lamps. The longer the usage time, the lower the price.
  • The wind and solar hybrid street lights provide a stable power supply and are beautifully shaped and visually appealing, positively adding to any landscape.
  • The wide application of the wind and solar hybrid street light system can enhance people’s awareness of energy conservation and make our lives more energy-efficient and healthy.
  • The wind and solar hybrid street light can be equipped with different types of wind turbines according to different climatic conditions, meaning the technology can be customised to suit any client need.
Product details:
Wind Generator 200W-500W
Solar Photovoltaic Module 80W-300W
LED Light Source 30W-200W
colloidal battery 100Ah-200Ah
Wind and Light Complementary Controller Anti-overcharge, over-discharge, over-speed protection, over-current protection, light control and time-controlled switch lights
Light pole 6-12 meters
Light pole material Q235 steel structure standard light pole (hot-dip white zinc + spray)
Working hours 6-12 hours/day, 3-7 days of continuous work in rainy days
System Configuration The specific configuration needs to be based on the solar and wind energy resources installed.

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