Solar Panel Solutions for Businesses, Agri & Public Sector

TCR are Solar PV experts and market leading best in class installers of Commercial Solar PV solutions. Since being founded in 2007, TCR has installed over 5,000 Solar PV solutions Ireland and UK wide, and are capable of designing a bespoke Solar PV systems that delivers results in any sector.

Working with blue-chip companies, public sector organisations and SMEs across all industry sectors, TCR provide a full turn-key design, installation and maintenance service for Solar PV. Our consultative approach to each and every solar project ensures that clients receive industry leading advice, high-quality installation and a best in class service.

A simple breakdown of how Solar PV works:
Image showing How Solar PV Works

There are many significant financial and environmental benefits to organisations that invest in and install solar panels.These benefits include:

  • Helping Combat Climate Change and Pollution - Organisations that utilise clean, renewable energy lower their usage of carbon-intensive fossil fuels, and in return help combat climate change, pollution, and public health issues that result from sustained fossil fuel use.
  • Significant Reduction in Business Overheads - By generating, storing, and using clean, free, constantly replenished energy that is locally produced on their own site. organisations can realise significant energy cost savings.
  • Protection from Price Fluctuations - Organisations that own their own generation resources can worry less about the possibilities of sudden and severe energy price changes, and forecast costs with more certainty.
  • Protection from Power Shortages - By generating and storing their own energy, organisations can reduce their reliance on the National Grid and better protect themselves from costly outages, rationing and downtime.
  • Improved Corporate Image - Promoting their green initiatives, organisations can improve their image and reputation and demonstrate to customers and stakeholders they are forward thinking and environmentally responsible.
  • Attractive Return on Investment - Utilising reliable long lasting technology that delivers a constant supply of free self-replenishing energy, allows organisations to achieve long lasting attractive financial returns and a quick payback on the investment made.

Yes, in most cases your organisation will not be affected, and should be able to operate as normal. If there is going to be an impact, TCR will usually advice the client of this prior to work commencing and work with clients to minimise disruption.

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