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Serving companies, public sector organisations and agriculture clients, TCR supply a large range of bespoke turn-key renewable energy solutions that deliver carbon reductions, financial savings and energy independence to clients of all sizes Ireland and UK wide.

Established in 2007, TCR have completed more than 6,000 installations and our solutions power some of Ireland and the UK?s leading organisations. Our expertise and experience is market leading and we have earned a strong reputation for our trusted advice and world-class solutions and delivery, taking projects from initial feasibility, through consenting and design and on to construction and commissioning.

Whether you are looking to save money, help combat climate change and pollution or looking to secure a cheaper, clean green energy supply for the future, TCR are renewable energy solution experts capable of designing a bespoke system that delivers results in any sector.

Commercial Solutions

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Reduced Business Overheads and Improved Sustainability

Invest in Renewables Today

Combat Climate Change and Pollution

Utilize clean, renewable energy and lower your usage of carbon-intensive fossil fuels, helping combat climate change, pollution, and public health issues resulting from their use.

Reduce Business Overheads Significantly

Realise significant financial savings on energy costs by generating, storing, and using clean, free, constantly replenished energy that is locally produced on your own site.

Protection from Price Fluctuations

Free yourself from the worry of sudden and severe energy price changes, by owning your own generation resources, allowing you to forecast costs with more certainty.

Protection from Power Shortages

Generate and store your own energy, reduce reliance on the National Grid and protect your organisation from potential and costly outages, rationing and downtime.

Improved Corporate Image and Reputations

Improve your image and reputation by promoting your green initiatives, demonstrating to customers and stakeholders you are forward thinking and environmentally responsible.

Powerful Return On Investment

Utitlise a constant supply of free self-replenishing energy, and achieve long lasting attractive financial returns and a quick payback on the investment made.

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